Harmony Pit

This product responds to the challenges faced by livestock producers by minimizing odor and promoting pit pump potential.

Manure pits are composed of predominantly solids and water, which often form crusts, leaving only the anaerobic microbes to do the work. Aerobic, meaning living with oxygen, as well as anaerobic, meaning living or active in the absence of free oxygen, microorganisms are needed to break down the solids.

Harmony Pit establishes the two mechanisms that minimize odor, flies, and crusts. The product also converts the total nitrogen (N) and phosphate (PO43-) to an organic form. This  makes the plants more environmentally friendly, while increasing the nutrient value. Harmony Pit works to create an ecosystem that digests non-organic material and converts the solid manure into an organic form.

True Solution Starter Fertilizer

This product is to applied at planting or as a leaf feed.

  • Not far from neutral pH
  • When applied to the seed, there is 100% availability at germination
  • Low salt content
  • 3-5 gallon/acre (based on need)
  • Indefinate shelf life
  • Plant finds it 100% usable

Weed and Pest Control with Vegetable Oil

One of the current main concerns in the world is soil and water pollution. Our Vegetable Oil encloses the chemical thus guarding it from sunlight, oxygen, agitation, and runoff. This product allows for stellar performances by lowering chemical application, increased crop coverage due, and reduced wash-off of chemicals. This product is economical and easy to use. 

Before using this product you must:

  • Scout for the pest of weed
  • Pick the best pesticide
  • Use as small amount as possible for control
  • Use our Vegetable Oil where permitted
  • Follow label on chemical for mixing orders

Our Product…

  • Surrounds the chemical which protects it from sunlight and oxygen (O)
  • Helps to generate uniform droplets
  • Increases crop coverage due to its sticking ability
  • Decreases chemical wash-off
  • Allows for the use of fewer chemicals

Check with your local Harmony Soil LLC distributor for the correct amounts as they are dependent on what plant stage you are spraying.

Agri Harmony

This product improves soil health by converting toxins in the soil to tiny bags of fertilizer that the plants can use (high salt fertilizers and petroleum based products). We’ve seen an increase in earthworms, Calcium in the soil, and sometimes an increase in Phosphate.