About Us…

Harmony Soil LLC is an organization that has almost 50 years of combined experience with microorganisms. The current company started in 2012. Through soil management, our company aims to develop healthy soil, balance soil nutrition with True Solution Starter Fertilizer, reduce chemical rates with Harmony Soy Fac, and reduce odor and increase pumpability of liquid manures.

Soil compaction or hard and compacted soil does not allow root systems to penetrate the ground thus creating poor root development, which will ultimately lead to poor crop production. By using too much chemicals and fertilizers, we are ultimately killing the necessary organisms needed for healthy soil.

The solution is farmers need to learn how to:

  • Improve soil health
  • Build microorganisms back into the soil
  • Reduce erosion and run-off
  • Increase the soil’s water holding capacity
  • Eliminate the hard layers in the soil caused by overuse of fertilizer and chemicals